Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Blagoi Ivanov regains consciousness

Blagoi Ivanov, the Bulgarian MMA fighter who was recently stabbed in a brawl in downtown Sofia, has regained consciousness.

Ivanov is now in a stable condition and is under a milder treatment regimen, doctors said. The fighter's main problem is with one of his lungs and not with his heart.

A week ago, Ivanov and two of his friends had just occupied their places in a bar on Graf Ignatiev Str., when a group of 8 persons armed with bats and knives, allegedly came in and attacked them.

At 5.10 am police came in to find the attackers escaped and Ivanov with a deep stab wound under his armpit.

Blagoi Ivanov won the gold medal in the 2008 World Sambo Championships and the bronze in the 2006 world contest.

In Bellator MMA fights, Blagoi Ivanov has never lost a match, having won 6 of his 7 fights thus far, with one tie.

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